Showing at Atlanta Market 7/11-18, 2017

Building 1, Floor 9, Showroom 9-C-6

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Performance Art

Why Performance Art? With the risk of sounding too high brow, the name simply embodied the spirit of our intentions. We felt there was a void in the market for modern, hand crafted, high performance pillows, table linens, and other textile based home furnishings that withstood the rigors of modern life. Whether you co-habitat with a jazzed up pair of Great Danes, a two year old graffiti artist, or a Romanian gymnast team, doesn't mean you have to substitute style for substance. We demand art as well as the performance and felt that there would be others who could respond to this sort of tough love.

 After we realized we might be on to something and because naturally we wanted everything to be made in America, we teamed up with our friends at Sunbrella, who for over half a century have proven to be at the top of the pyramid in terms of high performance fabrics. So before you check out our new collection, keep in mind "life's messy, make it beautiful".